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We have relocated back to Southern California after spending 11 years in SW Montana. We love farming and intend to be a part of organic vegetable production in the Ramona/Escondido area. We have started a new business in Ramona and online for Urban and Suburban homesteaders. Please check out our sister site http://www.homestead-haven.com 


What Is CSA?

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) simply said is a partnership between farmers and the people who buy the farmers' produce. The idea behind CSA is to provide you, the consumer, with excellent high quality in- season vegetables, while allowing us, the farm family, to make a living based on farming the land.

How Does It Work?

Our csa program can be best described as a subscription for fresh local produce. When you sign up,  you will receive a  weekly bag of diverse fruits and vegetables, based upon what's in season. 

The CSA concept may not be for the faint of heart, or those who don't appreciate trying new things. There will be times when members receive vegetables they are unfamiliar with, but we do include weekly newsletters in each bag with recipes...especially for the more unusual items. Also, if you're the type of family who only likes corn, cucumbers, and  tomatoes, joining a csa program may not be the ideal thing to do... OR it may just be a "healthy" stretch if you're willing to give it a try! We do offer personalized bags to some extent, and will provide you with a check list of things you like or don't like, that we'll use as a guideline.

Share bags.

What is "Naturally Grown"?

We are not a certified organic farm, and USDA rules prohibit us from using the term "organic" to describe our produce. Rest assured, we do use the same principals as an organic farm does, but are not ready to commit to the paperwork and yearly expense of using a government owned word. We never use chemical fertilizers, harmful pesticides nor herbicides, so there are no residues on your food (except a little dirt that may need to be rinsed off before eating!) We are committed to using composts & green manures to amend our soils, as well as supplementing with minerals found in seaweed products and worm castings. 
We are discovering that the important thing is building relationships with you, the shareholder, so that you get to know us and our philosophy behind the growing practices we hold to, rather than just filling out forms and sending a check to the USDA in order to use a term that describes how we grow our produce in the first place. To borrow terminology from Eliot Coleman (one of the pioneers of the organic movement)... we think our produce is "Authentically Grown" and "Beyond Organic".

"Despite the existence of a national certification program, deceptive practices will increase, and suspicions will soon realize (and I for one certainly encourage them to do so) that the best way to be assured of food quality is, in the words of the old quotation, 'to know the first name of the grower'." --Eliot Coleman

How Much Will I Get?

A FULL SHARE is generally sufficient for 2 people on a vegetarian diet or a small family (2 adults/2-3 children) on a mixed diet. Larger families who eat lots of fresh veggies may consider buying 2 shares/season, for which we offer a discounted price.

A HALF SHARE generally feeds 2 adults on a mixed diet.

What to Expect

                                    Winter       Spring       Summer       Fall

bulletArugula                 X                 X                              X                
bulletBeans                                                        X             X
bulletBeets                    X                 X               X             X
bulletBroccoli                X                 X                              X
bulletCarrots                 X                 X               X             X
bulletCabbage               X                 X                               X
bulletCucumbers                                                X              X
bulletEggplant                                                   X              X
bulletGarlic                                                       X              X
bulletGreens                 X                  X              X              X
bulletHerbs                   X                 X              X               X
bulletKale                      X                 X                               X
bulletKohlrabi                                   X              X              X
bulletLettuce Heads      X                  X              X              X
bulletLettuce Mix          X                  X              X             X
bulletLeeks                                        X              X             X
bulletMelons                                                      X             X
bulletOnions                 X                   X              X             X
bulletPeas                    X                   X                             X    
bulletPeppers                                                     X            X
bulletPotatoes                                   X               X            X
bulletPumpkins                                                                  X
bulletRadishes             X                   X                              X
bulletScallions            X                   X                X            X
bulletSpinach              X                   X                              X
bulletSweet Corn                                                X            X
bulletSwiss Chard        X                  X                X             X
bulletTomatoes                                 X                X            X
bulletWinter Squash     X                                                  X
bulletZucchini                                                    X            X
bulletSummer Squash                                         X             X



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